AP currently not in use. Internet connection too slow


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i tried all the related post about this, then i connected to my wifi, the logo is in my note edge. but i can't do nothing when I tried to test my wifi with my 4G off. so there is the wifi logo in my phone, but it does nothing.. i can't browse or run any application that uses internet. please help.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Can any other device connect to your router and use the internet? If not, it's a router or modem problem.

Connect to the router with a computer and check the wifi security encryption. Use WPA2 with AES encryption. Some implementations of TKIP or AES+TKIP don't work with Android. (You connect to the internet, but you won't live long enough to download a small picture.)

Try connecting to an open hotspot - like McDonalds, Walmart or any other place that has an open public wifi. Does it work?

Answering those questions will localize where the problem is. You can't fix a problem with your router by doing something on your phone (and vice versa).