[APP][FREE] Send Me Color!

Max Deshkevich

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Nov 20, 2014
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My first "real life" app, I'm proud to publish!


With Send Me Color! you can send a hint to your contacts that will look like color card. You pick the contact, pick a color and it will appear on your friend's phone. Well, that's it. You can also set your status "color". There are a lot of scenarios when it could be useful:

Using some secret color code with someone. You send her green, she sends back "red". You set your status "blue" she sends you "yellow" you change to "green". You got it.

For example you can hurry up someone who is late. You can let someone know you are so angry (or happy) you have no words.

Nice idea with "colorful status" - you can check you friends mood "color" just checking the list of contacts. Imagine you can make a deal with your teenage kids (or parents) like this: whenever someone set status "black" will mean "please leave me alone and don't ask why". Or instead, "blue" status usually mean "I need an attention and support". And you can always say "Ah, no, I'm just kidding ignore that color thing".

Generally, Send Me Color gives extra possibility you don't get with any other messaging app. A lot of people will find it helpful and fun in their daily communications and relationships. It's free.


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