Applock not locking files after PC connection


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Nov 26, 2014
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I downloaded Applock onto my HTC mobile internal memory.
I placed some photos onto the phones SD card.
I then used Applock to lock them (where the phone then moves the photos onto the internal memory).
Now they can’t be accessed which is fine.

The problem is when I connect the phone to my computer, then disconnect, the locked (or original photos) reappear on
the SD card (where the other files are still locked using Applock) .

Any ideas how to stop this happening. I guess try to get the Applock installed/moved on the SD card so everthing
(app & photos) are on the same location and not split over different memorys.
Anyone know how to install apps on an SD card. Tried moving it and option is greyed out.

Anyone else experience this problem?