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Apps cannot access to storage etc

Shu-yan Kok

New member
Jun 10, 2016
After upgrading to Android 6.0.1, the apps on my phone could no longer access to my storage, camera, microphone etc. I followed the steps when it prompted me to grant permission for apps to access to storage, it said I have to turn off screen overlay in Settings but it didn't work.


Jun 10, 2016
Try to do the following:

1. Enable Developer options: Settings -> More -> About device -> Build number -> Tap on it 7 times

2. Settings -> Developer options -> Drawing -> Simulate secondary displays -> then select None


Trusted Member
Feb 23, 2011
Are you running anything like a screen filter? I.e. Those virtual window tint apps that artificially reduce screen brightness by putting a tinted virtual overlay drawn over the entire screen.

If so, you need to exit the overlay app before you can allow other apps access to the SD card. It's a security measure built into Android. Lux is a popular app that causes this popup, but any app with similar functions could do so too.