Apps opening randomly


Feb 3, 2010
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So I haven't seen this problem anywhere in the forums before so I've gotta ask.

I rooted my droid for a short time, didn't care for having it rooted so i unrooted it. Everything went fine with the root and the unroot and reflashed it back to stock with no problems.

Went into the phone and got it setup again, got my apps back, etc. Now it seems that my apps that run in the background will all start on their own. Apps that I haven't gone into or started and which before I rooted never started on their own. I'll have a list in task killer of like 15 to 20 apps running. I'll kill them all then sometime later they will all be running again. Gmail, stock messaging app, handcent, settings. Just some of the apps that open.

Any ideas what I might be missing? Would something like this even be related to the rooting?