Are other people having similar issues with their brand new galaxy watch?

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Hi everybody. I just came purchased a brand new samsung galaxy watch 46mm. I previously had a garmin vivo active 3 which was very accurate with the steps, distance, etc but the Samsung could do a lot more and looks nicer too. However I am concerned about its accuracy when it comes to steps, calories burned, etc. It just doesnt seem accurate at all. For instance I was on the treadmill this morning which is always very accurate with its info provided. I didnt even run....just walked on it and the treadmill said I burned 352 calories. The Samsung galaxy watch said I burned 603 calories which is way more than the treadmill showed and very unrealistic. I called Samung about this and despite my having Samsung phones for years I feel their customer service/tech support is useless and they do not care and help you like Apple does for instance. I like the idea of the watch with its features but it needs to be accurate. What have other people out there noticed in regards to this??
Another issue is the wake up hand gesture. Many times I move my wrist to wake it up and it lags big time for many seconds. Sometimes its fine and other times its terrible. Is there any way to improve on this as well??
Thanks in advance for your responses.

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