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Are there Apps for monitoring WiFi intrusion?


New member
Dec 4, 2012
Apps for monitoring WiFi intrusion

This probably has been covered, so if it has, feel free to just post a link to the thread - forgive me - if you know it.

Are there any apps that can tell a mobile user that someone has hacked into their phone (while it is happening), either via WiFi or data connection?

I know not to go to sites where I need to enter a password on public WiFi, but I am looking for something (an App, most likely) that will tell me if another user on the WiFi is attempting to hack into my phone.

I currently have Avast Mobile on my phone, but not sure that it has this protection (maybe it does)?

If anyone knows of a similar software for PC, I'd appreciate any info on that as well.

Thanks in advance!!


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Re: Apps for monitoring WiFi intrusion

About the only app I can think of that can be used to detect an IP intrusion would be an IP packet capture app - and you'd have to learn to read packet logs to figure out whether someone had connected to your phone.

Running a firewall is the easiest way to prevent it. If you go to GRC | ShieldsUP! (choose All Service Ports) and see any open ports (or even closed ports - your device should be invisible to the internet), install a firewall and go back to Shields Up and check again. If there re no open ports you're safe from almost everyone. (And the people can get into your phone at that point can't be kept out unless you take the battery out of the phone.)