Question Best Note 20 ultra screen protector

Sep 14, 2023
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Best Screen protector without the fingerprint scanner note 20 ultra I currently have a cheap tempered glass screen protector and in 4 days both have broke from either my pocket or everyday use...what's the best screen protector out there?


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Dec 6, 2011
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The "best" would be a subjective opinion but when I had my S20 there was a lot of buzz around the Dome Glass which was also touted as one of the best with the fingerprint sensor. There are also several cases with built in screen protectors since you say that you've already broken multiple protectors. These don't usually have the best record for working with fingerprint sensors if that isn't a concern of yours.

The important questions to me, just a person offering advice, would be...
What types of environments is the device being subjected to? I occasionally work with chemicals so plastic wouldn't be something I would consider.

What type of carrier are you? You mention a pocket, is that a front or back pocket? If it's a back pocket glass might not be the best for glass as there may be too much flex when sitting. I don't know how people carry in their back pockets but I see it every day. I'm a front pocket person myself.

Where those other incidents one offs? I mean is it possible that they could or would continue to happen or where they like so rare that you couldn't see them happening again or is it likely they could continue to happen?

How much longer do you think you'll keep this device? If you're thinking another year or more than the high price of something like Done Glass could be justified. If you're thinking one break and it's time for a new device then just another tempered glass protector with a decent rating might be good enough. They did what they were supposed to, they broke saving your screen from damage. They aren't meant to be bulletproof. They're meant to protect.

How much research have you done? When the device launched there were dozens of screen protector reviews put up on YouTube and you might even be able to find some that are more recent. Not yesterday but within the last year maybe because people love their devices and if they've held on this long they will probably keep holding on.

Best wishes, I hope you find something.