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Feb 17, 2011
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Here is some cell phone history to get a background out of the way. I started off as a major BlackBerry user and after some major problems with BlackBerry I bought the OG Droid when it first came out. Fell in love with the Android OS and stuck with it for a long time. After using devices such as OG Droid, Incredible 1, Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, and Thunderbolt I started to dislike Droid phones mainly because of battery life and other glitches I have had. My last phone that I transferred from was the iPhone 4 and yes it works, but its BORING! I upgraded to a Samsung Charge for about 2 days but returned it to wait for the Bionic. Activated my Bionic yesterday and so far this is my experience with it.

Activation was okay, I followed the directions that came in the shipping box but I needed to call Verizon support because the device said that activation failed. No problem, they just sent the data service to the device and activated no problem. I had my phone plugged in for about 3 hours since it came with 40% charge and I unplugged it after about 10 minutes of keeping it plugged in at 100%. I have been off the charger for 21 Hours and 10 Minutes (looked as I typed this part) and I am only down to the 50%. This impresses me since I have been downloading some apps from the market, texting, going in the browser occasionally, and looking at some apps. I have been connected to WiFi for the majority of the time and I DO NO live in a 4G area so I turned off the LTE radio. Connecting to my home and work WiFi was a breeze and connecting to my cars Bluetooth with also no problem.

Now a lot of people seem to be complaining about the screen and since I am coming from an iPhone with the HD Retina screen and the Samsung Charge with the Super AMOLED+ screen I can say for me this screen can run with those no problem. Yes the colors are not as saturated (mainly the blacks) but honestly I love the screen display. Very clear, very easy to read, and a great display overall in my opinion. Some people do no like the pentile screen but I have no issues with it compared to the iPhone or Charge.

This phone is FAST. Wow, going between apps this thing doesn't even blink. Going between Facebook, the Browser, Texting app, and the Market and it didn't even slow down a bit. The little things that they added to MotoBlur this time around are welcome changes to me. The OS I can describe as a Honeycomb base with Gingerbread design. While I like Honeycomb, it is not made for small screens yet but honestly I think that Motorola did a fantastic job. Looks very nice and stylish while maintains all the great functions that Android users have come to love.

The phone just looks sexy when the screen is off and to me feels very good to hold in the hand. Light weight but has the proper weight distribution to feel good in the hand. The bump on the back of the phone actually works to angle the phone, but looks better than what the Droid X had. My only complaint about the design of the phone would be a lack of a dedicated camera button. That is no big deal, but would have been a nice touch even though I know that the X2 got rid of it as well as I didn't have one on the iPhone.

I have not taken a lot of pictures with the camera yet but while using the phone I will post more about this. Personally I have known that Motorola cameras have not been the best compared to HTC or Samsung but I took 1 picture yesterday and I was happy with the quality.

As of now, I need to do more playing but right now I think that this is simply one of the best Verizon phones they have to offer. If only I lived in an area with 4G for the full speed of this beast but I will have to wait for that. If you are looking for a 4G phone and considering the Bionic, take the plunge and go for it. You have 14 days to return or exchange but I WILL NOT be returning mine, so far I love this phone! After a couple days I will report more, but I have a feeling it will be mostly good!

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