Bluetooth Issues?


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Mar 1, 2010
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So, just as the rest of us, my Pixel just got updated to Pie. Yay and nay!

I like the interface...but, It seems I'm having some issues either with Bluetooth audio or the iHeartRadio app. I have a pair of wireless PowerBeats3 and they have been working flawlessly prior to the upgrade.

Post upgrade, the audio seems to be failing. Starting the app, connection is made and audio is heard. But, audio will randomly cut out completely from the PowerBeats but does not continue from the phone speaker.

Anyone else having any issues with bluetooth audio?

UPDATE: some additional testing/monitoring this morning seems to point to audio pausing within the app some time after the screen times out. I find it odd that it doesn't pause immediately when the screen times out, but, only after 30 seconds or so. Still testing...
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Mar 30, 2010
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I had issues like this on the beta. Maybe try uninstalling the app and reinstalling? Maybe forget the BT earbuds and link the devices again.