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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Fully updated and as of yesterday factory reset.
I have been using a Bluetooth Card reader from iZettle for over a year with no problems.
Since last week when I had a software update when I opened the Bluetooth menu in settings it instantly crashed. However Bluetooth was still working on previously paired devices.

In an effort to cure the issue .. no other option in Settings caused the crash .. I searched the web .. conducted safe mode .. nope still happened. Cleared the Cache in recovery mode .. etc etc
I then did a factory reset.
My phone will pair with any Bluetooth device except either of my two iZettle card readers, both of which crash the scan and cause a 'unfortunately Settings has Stopped message'
Both card readers have been factory reset and updated and WILL pair with my daughters Samsung and my ipad.
Any ideas as to what I can do to my phone to get it to complete the scan and pair with them please.

the tall guy

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Sep 23, 2013
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Hi Jason, it sounds like you've basically did everything that we would recommend you do to get it working. Could you perhaps contact iZettle and ask them why the Note 4 is no longer compatible with their devices, as that's what it looks like. Your Daughters Samsung, what device is it?

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