Bricked Alcatel!!!


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Jul 23, 2015
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Hi, I had an Alcatel One Touch Fierce that bricked a few months ago when I changed my font. I admit I'm kind of new to flashing roms, but I think I've got the process down. I found a stock rom on this same website, posted about a year ago. I put it on my sd card. Entered the stock recovery mode on the Fierce, factory reset and cleared cache, and tried to install. All I got was the words "install/update/sd card" , but in the background it said "no command".
I decided to try pushing cyanogenmod 10 to the device today. It started up, but installation keeps aborting, and sometimes it says "signature verification failed". I really want this phone back, I feel like I've tried everything. I don't have a custom recovery, and I'm pretty sure I can't get one while its bricked.
Is there any hope? Or does anyone have a stock rom anywhere? Alcatel One Touch Fierce 7024w :(

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