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Bricked :(


New member
Mar 3, 2015
So I've been trying to root my tablet and now looks like it's bricked. It's stuck in a boot loop and I can't even get it into recovery mode. I've done a bit of googling and found two suggestions:

1. Download LG Mobile support tool (can't post link due to post count)
2. Install it as a normal software
3. Once it is successfully installed, run the program
4. Put your tablet into Download Mode (make sure the device is Powered Off and Unplugged, Press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down, then Plug In a USB Cable)
5. Run the LG Mobile Support Tool program
6. Click on "Options -> Upgrade Recovery" on the upright corner
7. It should start downloading stock firmware right away
8. Wait for it ......
9. A flash will be performed right after Once it finishes downloading
10. Wait until the tablet reboots. Done!!!

I can't get it into download mode unless I have usb cable plugged in first. If I run software it says I'm already running latest version when I try the upgrade recovery option.


-Power off the device
-Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button at the same time
-When the LG logo shows up, let go both of the two buttons for a second, and then press them again
-A Factory reset promote should be shown on the screen. Follow the onscreen instructions to perform a factory reset.

But doesn't work. I hold buttons down as suggested but recovery menu never appears.

Its a few year old so probably out of warranty so don't think LG will be able to help (not that their customer service bothered to phone me back...).

I was at one point getting a TWRP (or something) menu on every boot but now I think I've bricked it all together. I'm even struggling to switch it off altogether as it just boots straight back up again.

Please help.