Camera crashes

Janaka K Vithanage

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Jun 21, 2015
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My Nexus 5X was bought about 5 months ago and initially it worked perfectly. I unlocked the bootloader and flashed few custom ROM on it such as PixelROM, Pure Nexus, Cyanogenmod, etc. All those worked fine and meanwhile, I'm on Cosmic OS 2017/01/10 build (This was the 1st ROM I flashed with January update.), my phone started to occur this issue. Camera crashes sometimes and when I restart the device, it works fine. Sometimes the camera app can be opened, but only a black screen appears with the camera UI. Initially, I thought that this is a bug in the Cosmic OS ROM. So, I flashed some other ROMS and tested for a few days. Same thing happened on all the ROMs. I check the camera before go to sleep and it works fine and in the morning it's crashing. So, finally I flashed the January stock image and relocked the bootloader. Now, it is in the fully stock mode. Still having the same issue. Please help me if anyone knows what is this issue. I was unable to find a solution on the internet though.

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