Can I convert a CDMA MOTO E 4.4.4 to a GSM?


Jan 25, 2017
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I have a super nice Moto E that I just stuck in a drawer because I needed an unlocked GSM phone for my new company ( phone service). That was going on 2 years ago and just now I am finding that there is at least a possibility that this phone could been converted, and I could give it to my gal-friend who can't afford to buy a nice smartphone.

I found a lot of easy directions if my phone was a CDMA Global, but it isn't as far as I can tell because I can't pull up the "phone info" list that you get by putting in this code:


When I put that in, after that final asterisk, it just vanishes. On my newere Moto E 2nd Generation, it comes right up and can be switched.

Is there any other option to turn this phone (the moto e 4.4.4 into a GSM?

Thank you in advance for any help. I so hate to see this phone just go to waste.


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Feb 12, 2012
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The instructions you're referring to are for 4G. To "convert" a CDMA phone into a GSM phone, you throw out the motherboard and replace it with the same phone's GSM motherboard. It's a lot cheaper to buy a GSM phone.

But why should the company care which carrier you use (which is the only reason for the change)? If they want to text, email or call you, your addresses and numbers don't change.

If they're just insisting that you use their carrier, tell them to supply you with the phone. (Requiring you to buy a particular kind of cellphone as a condition of employment is, in most parts of the world, a few different kinds of illegal.)

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