Can some help with a problem with 5.0 Smart Lock Trusted Places Feature?


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Feb 14, 2012
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Problem with 5.0 Smart Lock Trusted Places Feature...

I have a 32GB Moto X Pure Edition and use AT&T that I received on November 6. About a week ago I received the OTA upgrade to Android 5.0 (sys ver 22.21.11) and performed the upgrade. After the upgrade to 5.0 I did a factory reset just to make sure I was starting with a clean device.

Smart Lock Trusted Places feature in 5.0 has never worked right. I have location mode set to high accuracy, and have tried it in battery saving mode as well. I am in a strong cellular signal strength area and connected to a very strong WIFI signal at both home and work. Neither my home or work locations from Google Maps, which show up as toggle options for trusted places, work at all. I have set up numerous "custom location" trusted places and the set up shows the correct location but the feature just does not work to keep the phone unlocked. I was able to finally get a custom location to work last weekend to keep the device unlocked at home. I have tried at least a dozen times and cannot get it to keep my phone unlocked at my work location.

Anyone else having problems with the Trusted Places Feature in 5.0?

If so, how did you fix it??


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Aug 27, 2010
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Re: Problem with 5.0 Smart Lock Trusted Places Feature...

I have to enter my PIN once per day and once per reset, but otherwise I haven't had a problem with it in the past few days.


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Feb 26, 2011
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I have the same issue. By default I had 2 locations setup, work and home, turned them both on, worked great at work, but the home location doesnt work. So i setup a custom location, it comes up exactly as I would expect with a giant circle around my house and a marker of me right in the middle, i say ok and that location doesnt work either. But every time at work it works fine, and that is a huge building with ZERO GPS signal.

Did you find a resolution yet?

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