Cannot find S voice --- uninstalled?

Martha Heil

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Dec 15, 2014
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The app was installed on my galaxy s4 when I got it and I used it several times to dictate emails and text massages. I went to use the dictate feature in my email today, and it was gone. I long held the T-pencil button, but it was not one of the options available. I checked every app that uses a keyboard input, and could not find it.
The app does not exist on my phone anymore. It's not in the apps drawer, it's not available with double tap of the home screen, I've enabled everything I can find in my settings that might reveal it, but there is no reference anywhere on my phone to s voice! I cant even find the app in the Galaxy store!
Has it changed its name? Been bundled in with another app?
Did any recent upgrades accidentally destroy it? (I'm currently running 4.4.4 and have auto updates on.)
How can I re-enable it or re-download it?


Jul 14, 2011
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Hi Martha. S-Voice is different than voice dictation, actually. So let's try and figure out what went wrong.

1) Finding S-Voice. If it's not in your app drawer, go to the Application Manager and scroll to the ALL tab. Unless your phone is rooted and you deleted the app, S-Voice SHOULD be there. If you open the info on that, maybe you've turned off S-Voice. Just turn it back on to re-enable. If it's turned on, then it might be hidden on your App Drawer. Check your hidden apps (menu button) and you might find it there.

2) Voice recognition. I'm not sure why this disappeared from your keyboard, but if there's any setting to turn it off it should be on your Language and Input settings.

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