Cannot install ICS


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Apr 10, 2012
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Good day everyone, as my title says, ICS won't install at all, either by over the air, or off of an SD card.

I have done hours of research on this forum and elsewhere on the internet about updating my phone, so I have familiarized myself with the process, as I am pretty good with tweaking my Windows PC.


At first I tried doing it OTA, but the "HTC Updates" box is not present in my phone's menu. Google Updates is,but it says my phone is updated!

Ok, since I bought this phone used, maybe someone rooted it. It appears to have an "Energy ROM, dated Feb 2" ( I think) of this year. The bootloader screen says unlocked at the top.

I then downloaded, and renamed the ICS file to "" to my SD card as a rooted file, not in a folder.

I power up the phone, holding the volume down button, and the phone appears to find and extract ("loading") the PH85 file, but then it says "wrong zipped image" and kicks me back to the bootloader screen! I have downloaded the ICS update from two different sources as well, and neither will update the phone, so as far as I know, the file is "good". It is the same file, linked here on this forum, that others are using successfully.

I have also tried doing it through the recovery option, update from zip file on sd card, and I get an error message.

I really feel ripped off by HTC and Tmoble. First by selling a dual core phone with an OS that only uses one core, then I cant even update it at all.

The only reason I bought this phone used was because I was in the middle of my contract and they wouldn't budge on the 600 dollar price at the time.

I have spent the last three evenings, probably 6 hours total, trying to get this to work. I don't think it should be that way. If this phone wasn't so expensive, it would probably have been smashed by now.

Please someone help. Thanks, John.
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Mar 29, 2011
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You need to load the stock recovery. You may want to load the stock tmobile rom on first and then flash the stock recovery. You can leave the bootloader unlocked. You an do all that with the all in one toolkit. You will need to get the drivers loaded on your computer and then run the toolkit. You'll have an option to load the tmobile rom if desired and the option to load the stock recovery. You can download it over on xda.