Cant add any contacts to a group on Galaxy Note 8

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I've created the group itself, given it a name, added a ringtone but when I come to add members to the group (by clicking the "Add Member" button I can not see any contacts. Even if I use the search function it still cannot locate any contacts.

The contacts themselves are shown in the Contacts list App - so I can phone or txt them individually but I want to add them to a Group.

So in the Contacts App I click on: Groups>Football (the name of the group) and see that there are no members. From there I click on Edit>Add Member. Then I see 'No Contacts. If I search for contacts it then says "no results found' even though that contact name does exist. I guess I must be doing something wrong or have not done a set up step beforehand, but cant think what it is.

I have a Galaxy Note 8 - upgraded to run Android v.8- The phone itself is new (got it today) as it is a works phone. Anyone able to help?