Can't control what to copy on Twitter using Samsung A10e?


Jul 19, 2013
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Device: Samsung A10e, Android 9

Steps to reproduce problem:
1. View a tweet.
2. Long press on the text of the tweet to show the start and end indicators to copy a certain length of the tweet.
3. Instead of showing the indicators, it copies the whole tweet and displays a tooltip saying "Copied to clipboard".

I don't think it's an issue with the Twitter app because I can control what to copy on my iPhone SE and LG Tribute.

Is anyone else having this issue? Anyone know how to control what to copy on Twitter instead of copying the entire tweet?


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Dec 6, 2011
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I thought you may have gotten a response by now but I see you haven't. Honestly I kind of feel like it may still be the app even though you can get it to work on other devices. Since you mentioned iPhone, you're probably aware not all apps are created equal. There are things you can do on iPhone apps that you can't do on Android apps. Not long ago there was a question about being able to use emojis to like comments in a group message, or something along those lines, that was only available with the iPhone app. I know this situation isn't exactly like that because you mention that it works on your LG but I kind of wonder if it still might not be a case of app rendering due to the model of device. If this is the case, I guess it would also be the device but it would be the way the app performs on that device. So I'm not sure how you look at that.

What keyboard are you using? Perhaps its a setting in the keyboard?

When you attempt to copy the text and end up getting the whole thing, when you try to paste it can you then go through and remove unwanted portions? So it's not like copying a jpeg, it's still like copying text?

Are you using the same keyboard on the LG?

Edit: I feel like I should have been more specific when I was talking about apps not being equal. I meant even if the apps are the same app. So in my messaging app example the iPhone and Android users were using the same app, just one had functionality that the other didn't. You'll find this even among Android apps, depending on the make and model of the device.
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