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Hello everyone,

Got my Phone past year on my birthday, this year on the night of my birthday my Phone got locked asking pattern code (overruled my fingerprint lock that I normaly use),

Did gave in the pattern code as usually but Phone didnt accept it, if I enter 3 times the wrong pattern ,Phone let me wait some amount of time before I can try again but if I give in the right code I can try do it so much as I want without any results and Phone dont let me wait for some time before I need to try again, I did read in forum that some phones like pixie/google Phone are bugged with unlock pattern,
Is it possible I have that bug also? What can I do about it to unluck, hard reset isnt a option since I dont want to lose my files.

Why did it happen on my birthday? Is it a coincidence??

I know my gmail account did try to change pattern from my gmail account but doesnt do anything, I own a Huawei Mate 10 pro with Oreo on it
Please help me out, it is so frustrating
Sorry for my bad english


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Feb 12, 2012
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You should always have everything backed up. Since you don't, there's not much you can do - resetting is about the only way you can get back into the phone.

(Connect it to a computer it's been connected to before and see if you can copy your files from it even if it's locked.)

Waly Sou

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Apr 15, 2019
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Thanks for your reply,
I did try to connect it to my laptop but no chance, since I have the option in my device disabled.
Seems my last backup was in november 2018 after that date I dont have anything anymore.

I still hope to find a way :(
Huawei told me the same thing also , that the only way is to hard reset my Phone,
In a Phone repair center when I did tell them my story they told me they can only do the intervention if the Phone wasnt from the country I did mention (France/Belgium)… at the other side it is giving me some hope that there is still a way to unblock it...

Mike Dee

May 14, 2014
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I have not heard of a pattern unlock bug issue associated with any particular phone. Could be something got corrupted but I'm afraid a reset may be your only option.