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Sep 4, 2023
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I have samsung galaxy 21fe. It drops cellular signals often. So.etimes I am looking at the screen and I can notice that signal dropped (cross icone with a circle instead of signal bars on top area) and then signal icone comes back with zero bars and then it starts to show some bars.

I need to capture the video of this event to claim the warranty on the phone. I have installed MacroDroid it has event named "Mobile Service Status" I am planning to start screen recording as soon as service unavailable event occurs within MacroDroid but could not find an application that can start the screen recording as application starts (MacroDroid can start any application on the event Service Unavailable event).

Please guide if you know such application or any other method to prove signal dropping issue to claim the warranty.


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Dec 6, 2011
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Tasker can use the lack of signal as a trigger to send you an alert or flash the screen or flash the flash. It can't record video though so you would need to do that yourself however it might be able to open then app. Anyway Tasker is automation app that uses logic statements to perform tasks. It does cost but there uses to be free trials if you went to their site directly online. This task would be pretty simple, when no data do this, you decide what this is and you have your profile. It can get much more detailed if your really get into it. There are other free automation apps but I don't know their triggers or capabilities. Having a Samsung you have Bixby but I don't think Bixby can be triggered by loss of signal and I'm pretty sure Assistant can't. You might check out automation apps at the play store first or see if tasker still offers the trial.

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