[CAT][ARCADE] Cat fight: for food and glory


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Dec 29, 2016
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Cat fight: for food and glory

You will have to fight with hostile cats, which will try to steal your sausages right from your food plate. What impudence! There is no way to avoid the cats’ fight.

Google Play: Cat fight: for food and glory


Genre: Arcade
Developer: CoolAI
Version: 1.0.18
Platform: Android 2.3.3+

- Cats with different play styles;
- Hostile kitties with various sausages’ stealing techniques;
- Fast, up to 5 minutes, game sessions;
- Cute looking kitties with a full range of resentful emotions.

The task is to repel the hostile cats, catching the popping out mice at the same time. The mice will help you find cats to play with; each one of them will have a different play style, such as:
- A little but brave one kitten who is not afraid of fights;
- A huge tomcat who managed to overcome his laziness for the sake of the sausages;
- A drugged moggy, who is full of energy but with impaired coordination of movements;
- A catty occultist who is devoted to ancient gods, being little bit out of his mind because of that;
- A ghost cat that couldn’t leave her bowl of sausages in this world.

The neighboring cats and even their kittens are using various techniques to get to the plate, for example they are:
- Cowardly escaping when the hero is approaching but rushing back to the food once they are out of sight;
- Watching from afar, thus looking for a convenient moment when the hero has gone far away from the food bowl;
- Approaching in zigzag moves pretending they were just passing by;
- The most straightforward ones who are pushing their way through thus deserving a good fight.

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Google Play: Cat fight: for food and glory

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