Chromecast 2nd Gen - Audio, but delayed/no video when using HDMI-CEC


Oct 12, 2012
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So as the subject suggests, recently my chromecast has been having issues when I use it with CEC. With my TV off, I select something to cast and the TV turns on and I immediately get sound, but the screen remains black. From there, either the screen remains black until I switch inputs and return back to it (or turn off and turn the TV back on) or the screen just stays black with audio only until I recast the video. Sometimes if I leave it on the black screen for 15-20 seconds, the picture comes through. This is a new issue because before when I would activate my chromecast this way, the TV would turn on and I would immediately receive both audio and picture.

Everything works smoothly if I cast something with my TV already on, so I'm not sure if it is an issue with my TV or the Chromecast itself. For reference, I have a Samsung UN55H7150. I have reset my TV as well as the chromecast to see if that would resolve anything, but no luck. I realize that this isn't really a major problem as everything does still work, but it is just bothering me that something isn't working the way it used to in regards to CEC.

If anyone has any insight on this issue, I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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