cold as ice app2sd problems


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Aug 11, 2012
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I am about to pull my hair out trying to get this working.
I have optimus v 2.1 etc
I had quat on it for a year with app2sd script working. Don't remember what I did but it worked great.
Now I have upgraded to cold as ice.
I have tried many things but I have been starting with a fresh formatted fat 2 gig sd card
I used the mini partition tool to see that I have a ext3 partition that was created with clockworkmod recovery.
After I have wiped data, cache, and dalvik I install my zips I exit out of setup and goto performance and turn on the app2sd. Says I need to reboot. I reboot and look at my partition info and sure enough its there. I install titanium pro and it sees that I have an app2sd partition and size
I try and move data to the sd card with titanium and it says no data2sd exists
I try and restore my apps from quat using titanium and every time it says I am out of memory.
I have spent over 6 hours on this today trying everything I can think of. What is going on?


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May 15, 2011
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The ext.3 partition needs to be 1.5 GB.
You can not use more than 20% of the actual space available for the partition.
This means you need at least an 8GB sd card.
Might as well just buy a Sandisk 16GB class 4 micro SD card from WalMart. This has proven to have the best read speed for our V (with android phones write speed means little, read speed is the most important). The class # of a card is only for write speed, not quality or read speed.
Once you have made the 1.5GB partition on the 8/16GB sd card then Download Link2SD from the PlayStore. Open it up and select the ext.3 option and after it is finished creating the mount script, reboot phone.
Go to the Titanium Backup app and install all apps that need to be in the internal storage (widget apps and any app that is used to control a system app or process).
When done go to Link2SD app. Menu/settings/Auto Link (make sure it is checked).
Go to Titanium Backup/menu/batch actions/restore/restore all missing apps and data option.
When done go back to Link2SD app and double check that all apps that you want to install to sd partition are in fact properly linked (will say: Linked>SD card ). Make sure lib files are linked if there are any.
Reboot Phone. Go back to Link2SD and delete ROM developer and Google apps you don't need (be very careful here) like Car At Home, Magic Smoke Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper Picker, News and Weather, Stock Browser (if you already have a custom browser installed), Stock Launcher (if you already have a custom launcher installed), etc.

Note: It would be a good Idea to Install Root Uninstaller once you have everything setup just how you want it. On initial opening it will save all installed apps to the sd card in their .apk form.
If Titanium Backup every hangs on installing an app, reboot. Go to rootuninstaller folder on sd card/backups. Copy/paste the app to the root of the sd card. Then tap/select install option.
When done go bsck to Titanium Backup and finish batch restore.

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Oct 24, 2011
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In order to do that you'll also probably need to delete the mounting scripts from the inti.d folder of the rom before you flash it.

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