com.process.systemui has stopped


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Apr 24, 2012
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Might I respectfully suggest that any thread on this website dealing with this particular problem/question.......NEVER be closed???

Yes, the answer/solution is: "It seems that Google's latest update was causing the difficulty. Go into play store > google > uninstall and it should remove it's latest update."

BUT, that doesn't stop poor slobs like me from searching for hours and/or days to find the answer to our "own, personal dilemma"!!

This bloody bug has resurfaced over and over and over and over again since back in 2014 and probably before....(SHAME on you Google).....but for those of us to whom it JUST HAPPENED's a brand NEW problem.

So, as asked in line one: can we please keep these threads open, i.e. UNCLOSED... so that NEW "victims" can get in on the solution interactively? Thanks.