Confused z3-newbie: "moto style shell with wireless charging" mod not found anywhere


Jun 30, 2014
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This wireless charging mod (WCM) is out of stock at Motorola and only used and refurbished WCMs can be found at Amazon. eBay offers nothing specifically for z3, and nothing new. I read an April 2018 post somewhere (pretty sure on one of these forums) bemoaning no availability and a few later posts suggesting that WCM would never be restocked, apparently true.

My car came equipped with a wireless charging pad, so the $39.99 still-advertised price at sounded good until searching proved fruitless. I've lived without using that pad for over 2 years and so obviously can live without it, but what gives? z3 isn't THAT old, is it? Was WCM a turkey?

I found a refurbished WCM for $79.99 somewhere. Seems like another indication of scarce item whose number currently in existence is all there's ever going to be.

A "TUMI wireless charging power pack moto mod" is available at Amazon but for Moto Droid. Funny thing: Amazon link to mentions nothing about Moto mods.


Any help, including why i should be glad I'll have to live without WCM, would be appreciated. I can get just about any other mod, just not this one.

Thanks in advance


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May 17, 2010
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The Moto Z series (Z, Z Droid, Z Droid Force, Z play, Z2 play, Z2 Force, Z3, Z3 Play) all use the same mods. So finding one may not be as difficult. The Tumi wireless charging power pack moto mod for the Moto Droid is actually listed wrong. It should say the Moto Z Droid.
I have the Tumi pack you mentioned. I've used it on my Z Force, my wifes Z2 Force, my sons Z2 Play, as well as my new Z3. Whoever needed the extra power while we were out :)


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Nov 16, 2010
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They are/were pretty rare. I think only Best Buy actually stocked them in store.