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So once I had my Huawei P10 lite under a pillow for about half an hour and it became hot to the touch which I checked and it went 55C and cooled it down

That was the backstory you had to know in a short sentence. The problem now:

Again it happened to me to leave my phone under a pillow amd I had put my phone to close it's screen amd stop everything when shutting screen after 30 seconds but it didn't and thus for 30+ mins it stayed under a pillow and reached an all time high of over 50C and burnt to the touch however while it was cooling with the screen shut down I picked it up to se the temp with the antutu benchmark I have and was 45C when I heard it. A pop/crackle. I looked the bacl of it which was glass and no damage however that scared me even more cause now cause of the overheating my battery must have inflated and might blow up on my face.

Do you guys know any suspects about that pop/crack?

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