Email issues exchange and gmail


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Mar 5, 2010
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Haven't had any issues for a while until recently. Exchange active sync is.acting funny. password work.Ms Exchange account as well as on my EVO. I get my emails to my EVO via the OWS Webmail server. Now it tells me that my password is incorrect which I know is not the case. I delete and re add the exchange account and it works fine for a while then stops working. Very frustrating. Please advise.

On Gmail how do we get the email to render with in the EVO screen. I cannot re size the mail to fit with in the screen area of my EVO. Any suggestions?

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Apr 16, 2010
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Depending on how large your company is, it can take a while for changes made to the OWA server to propagate across the Active Directory domain servers (and whichever exchange server is running EAS). What I normally do, is change my AD password, then wait until my phone prompts me the password is bad. At which point I'll change the EAS password on my phone. This can take hours at times for me, but my company is whale sized huge.

Try removing and re-adding your EAS account, and check your update settings--when you remove an account you clear out all your settings. I'd double-check those first.

For Gmail, are you referring to graphics or text? I have no problems with text on my screen. Graphics that have resolutions bigger than the screen resolution you will have to scroll around to view it--it doesn't work like a browser to zoom out and view it like a desktop page.