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Emails not deleting on refresh?


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Jun 21, 2010
I'm sure it's just a setting I've missed but here's what's happening.

I have my Work & Home emails set up on my Note 7 (same provider but 2 totally different ISP accounts) and my Gmail. My issue is with the 2 ISP accounts.

With my Note 4 my morning ritual would be log into my ISP's webmail (either on our PC or my iPad), clear out all the crap emails I don't want then when I'd refresh my email on my Note 4 all the emails I deleted from webmail would disappear leaving only the ones I want on my phone.

This is not happening with my Note 7 - they're all still there even after deleting them in the webmail client. Both email accounts are set up as POP ones with the same settings as we're on my Note 4.

Any ideas? Thanks.