Evo emergency!!! Help!!!


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Feb 9, 2010
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So I wake up this morning and go to check my work mail like I do every morning and my phone is off... I press the power button and nothing. I unplug it from the wall charger and plug it back in, no charging light. I plug it into my wifes charger, no charging light, I run out to my car just to be sure and plug it in there, no charging light. So I steal my wifes battery and it powers on. So there is definately something wrong with the phone or the charging connection. Upon visual inspection the charing port is fine, the plastic tab inside is not broken and nothing looks out of the ordinary. I tried plugging it in again and wiggling the cord to see if it was just a bad connection and still nothign.

I am on may way to sprint at lunch to see what they can do for me. I do not have the protection plan, but now I wish I did. What is the warranty on these things and does anyone have an idea of repair cost or sprints repair program?


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Jun 13, 2010
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If you bring it in to be repaired or even replaced without the TEP, you're going to pay $35.

The $100 deductible for a replacement phone (under TEP) is pretty much for lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair phones (i.e. you drove over it with a steamroller).

BTW, have you tried charging your EVO when your wife's battery is in it?


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Dec 6, 2010
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If you bring it in to be repaired or even replaced without the TEP, you're going to pay $35.
Not quite true... If you have no insurance on the device then you would have to pay for the cost... depending on the damage of the phone the deductible varies. $35 is the minimum. With TEP you don't pay anything for the repairs - however, for lost, stolen, or personal damage to the device you're required to go through the manufacturer insurance. (Asurion) with a deductible of $100.

As for the Op's situation - It could be one of two issues causing that.
(1) Defective Battery.
(2) Defective USB port, or charger, or phone.

Sometimes the phone battery need to be charge for a while to get some juice in it.

PS. You should see a steady amber light, also you can check the battery icon to see if it's charging too. (Beside the clock)

You should never go without insurance on these expensive phones - it's like driving a BMW without any insurance coverage. (Bad idea)

Good luck.


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Nov 15, 2010
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Rushrl is right... Sometimes if the battery is REALLY dead, it needs to stay on the charger for a few minutes before even the red light comes on....

Since your wife's battery worked, you know your phone isn't broken, so the battery is dead, either by defect or by defective charge port on your phone. If possible, try to charge it with your wife's battery in your phone. If it starts charging, you know it is your battery that's the problem. If it doesn't, you know it's your phone's usb port. I believe this would be covered under the 1yr manufacturer warranty, but since I have TEP, I don't know how to proceed with that. If you narrow it down to your phone, Sprint should be able to swap as a warranty replacement. Before they get it, be sure to back up all your settings and things on your SD Card, you may not be getting your phone back once you hand it to them.

Good Luck.
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