Extending Samsung tab 8 USB connection to Power and OTG devices

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I use a tablet at work and plug/unplug devices in the Micro USB port so much that I have screwed a few tablets up. So I want to use a short flexible extension that plugs into the tablet and has a female full-size usb on the other side so I can plug in power or an endoscope or microscope.
I cut a few cables apart to figure out why it wasnt working correctly, that's when I found out the difference of OTG and regular devices. But it does when it comes to the device. On a micro-usb, the 4th(sense) and 5th(GRD) pins need to be connected in order for the tablet to recognize and power the external device, but not when it wants to charge. If you plug power into a OTG cable, it will not charge.
So my question is what kind of work-around is there for this other than a mechanical switch?

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