External Storage Transfer. USB-C?


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Dec 9, 2012
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I've been backing up files that were carried over from the transfer from my Note 10+ to my S22 Ultra and came across the External Storage Transfer in Accounts and Backup.
Can an entire backup from the S22 Ultra be backed up into a USB-C thumb drive directly from the phone? And restored?
Would it have to be done through SmartSwitch?


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Mar 4, 2012
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I also came from a Note 10+. I follow a "hybrid" install every time I get a new phone, where I try to set up everything fresh as much as I can, but transfer over and "sideload" anything else that I can't otherwise install myself (old sms messages, phone contacts, call logs, wifi settings, apps that are no longer available in the store, etc). I back up everything to the Samsung Cloud on the old phone every time before I set up a new one. On the new phone, I set up everything as if this were my first phone, ignoring all the restore options. Once I'm set up and at the home screen, I choose restore from Samsung Cloud, choose the old phone, and then choose everything to restore, except for home screen and apps (except for the ones that are no longer available in the play store). For data files (music, photos, movies, etc) that aren't taken care of by Samsung Cloud backup/restore, I just connect a usb-c to usb-c cable and transfer files manually via MPT (or you can just wifi-direct or bluetooth them over if your file sizes aren't too large).

Never tried backing up and restoring from a mini thumb drive, but I assume this is the same Smart Switch process done wirelessly with another phone, except this time, its just using a physically connected a drive instead.

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