Features you like, features you don't care for, features you wish developed


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Apr 20, 2014
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Hi all. I was wondering what features on the new S21 series you really like, features you don't care for in any way and new features you wish developed. New features can be borrowed from other phone companies.

For me, I really love the new dual periscope zoom lenses. I think that is an absolutely fantastic innovation, especially a whopping 10x optical zoom lens on a phone. For the small tradeoff of a camera bump. I'll live with that gladly.

I don't care less about 120 or more Hz display. To me that is so frivolous and useless and the adaptive 120 Hz display still uses more battery that the standard 60 Hz display.

3 features I'd like to see developed. 60W or more fast charging. And 30W or more fast wireless charging with a dedicated charger that features excellent thermal management and cooling.

And borrowing from Sony, I'd love to see a future Galaxy phone with bypass battery power function. This is where you plug the phone in and bypass the battery, so the phone is directly powered from the mains charger without charging the battery. So you can all night long run the phone without charging and heating the battery and of course no putting it back into charge.

And borrowing from the old Nokia Lumia 1020, I'd like to see a flagship Galaxy phone with a xenon flash instead of as puny little led flash. Something that can light up a large room.

What about everyone else?


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Dec 21, 2011
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I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum from you my friend. Telephoto lenses are useless to me. Ifvi want that kind of versatility I'd use an actual camera and not a phone.

I prefer a flat screen as a feature, MUCH easier to use with no phantom touches...

120 Hz variable refresh rate does make a difference to me because it improves the feel, look and fluidity of whatever is on the screen and battery life isn't impacted enough not to use it.

I'd like to see under the screen front facing cameras develop more...longer battery life instead of fast charging...and better sound/speaker tech with internal DAC's and return of the 3.5 mm headphone jack.