[FREE GAME] Click Master Winter Edition


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Jul 19, 2016
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Hey bro! Did you see much snow in your life? Cause no one knows about this thing better than us! We make that thing work!

But whatever, now I want to tell ya a true story happened to me and my fat friend when we was walking with our pet bear around the siberian forests. Suddenly a big snowfall has started. Our bear realised the outcome and ran away in home direction. When we tried to run after him, we've completely become lost. There was too much snow so we had to rake it. What a pity that there were no shovels. We was too tired and my fat friend even lost about 10 kilos but we did it! We had survived! Thinking about this accident near the chimney I wanted to introduce our forest adventure in some cool way. Yeah, of course by creating a game!

In this game you should click on the big snowflake, but it's easier than in our story. Special devices, which can be bought in the shop, help you to earn more points.

So, can you become a Snow Lord?

Play the game now :cool: