[FREE GAME] Pro Racing Mobile


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Dec 29, 2012
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Pro Racing Mobile is a tribute to racing games of the 90's Arcade, Neo Drift Out, World Rally Championship, Overtop, etc. Rediscover, this time in your cell, those thrilling games and addictive isometric racing game in which you spent your pay at the arcades.

Pro Racing Mobile in its free version has 10 tracks and 3 cars that will delight any fan of retro arcade games of the 90s. Also in the next revision of the application will include online leaderboards so you can make clear to the world who is the best in the game.

Dodge obstacles, shortcuts grabs quaff braking and drift around corners to get the best time and beat your opponents. A game as they pass through the circuits becomes increasingly difficult and complex. Try to reach the goal without the time runs out.

This is the link to the download, remember that in this first version is totally free!

Download in gloogle play