Full system backup, root not required, ICS only


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Apr 15, 2011
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Download and Install the Acer usb drivers if you do not already have them installed.

Download and install the Android SDK if you do not already have it installed.
Note: This could take a while.
Android SDK | Android Developers

Connect the tablet to pc via usb cable.

Navigate to the following folder C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform tools
Note: change C:\ to the appropriate drive letter if C:\ is not where your program files are stored.

Hold down the shift button and right click an empty space inside the folder. Select open command window here.

adb backup is the command that will allow you to create a full system backup.

Type adb backup at the prompt. This will create a backup using the default settings, which is to only backup application and device data to the current directory. Other options are available, will discuss shortly.

On your tablet a screen will appear: Enter your password and select backup my data.

Once the backup is complete verify that the file backup.ab exists in the directory specified, and make sure it does not have a file size of 0 KB.

To restore, navigate to the same folder referenced above, open a command window and type adb restore backup.ab (assuming the default options were used to restore the backup)

On your tablet a screen will apear: Enter your passwords and select restore my data.

There is a detailed thread at XDA explaining the other parameters of the adb backup command. [GUIDE] Full Phone Backup without Unlock or Root - xda-developers
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