Galaxy S9+ and Low Light Pics?


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Jul 16, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I’m cell phone shopping again right now and I’m cross shopping the Galaxy S9+ and the Google Pixel 2.

If there’s one thing I’m looking for better low light camera performance.

The most disappointing use I see for them is taking concert pictures (no, I swear I’m not that insufferable A-hole that has my camera up the entire show but I do like to take some). Obviously it’s a dark environment with sparse, usually distant lighting. It seems like with my S4 and current S6 that from up to 20 feet from the people on stage I’m good, but further outside of that (like 5 rows back from the rail) or when trying to take pictures of someone to the side of the stage if I’m at center I got a ton of noise in my pictures and awful resolution.

I’m also using it for conditions like sunsets, poorly lit room environments, etc.

So the Galaxy S9+ is obviously supposed to be tailored to low light conditions with the dual lens camera.

Does it live up to the hype?

Do you feel like it really delivers in those conditions?

I’ve read some reviews that the F/1.5 lens tends to struggle with focusing and motion in low light (ex. Concert) have you experienced that?

It seems like at times the f/1.5 shots have really blown out highlights in auto mode. Does shooting in Pro Mode seem to solve that?

Does it really seem to cut down on pixel noise that much more then past phones you’ve owned?

If you’ve used it for concert pics in less then ideal spots (one side of the stage, 5+ rows back from the rail, etc) can you post some of your pics for me?


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Nov 4, 2014
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In auto mode, the S9+ is not good for low-light pics with moving objects. Your pictures will be blurred.

You are not considering the Huawei P20 Pro?


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Apr 16, 2014
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Pretty much as I mentioned in the other thread I guess . I did lots of comparisons with my 2XL and our S9+(which I sold).
The 2XL always came up with better details and more accurate colours indoor and low light. The S9+ always smoothed out too many details for the sake of a cleaner image. And the colours were off 99% of the time.
The 2XL may have a bit more grain at times but nothing that's bothered me.
There is the odd time where the pixel had a weird yellow tint but sometimes slightly different angles fixed that. Anyways both are good but I prefer my 2XL.
The 1.5 wasn't that impressive to me. To me it brings in too much light. Even adjusting the brightness slider in auto didn't help that much. Too many blown outs.
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Apr 8, 2012
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You’re not going to get particularly good low light performance from any cell phone camera. Software simply can not beat the physics. People expect too much often from their phones.

A tiny sensor and slow lens is simply not conducive to decent pics in less than ideal conditions.

Usually they are ok for sm sharing and casual digi snaps especially when viewed on a relatively (cell phone) small screen, but outside of that you simply can’t expect too much more.