Getting NextRadio to work on S105g after updates


Oct 18, 2013
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Last year I stopped being able to use my S9 because it didn't support VoLTE.
I selected an S105G as it seemed to be the most powerful phone that still had a headphone jack.
I was able to use NextRadio app until around August or September, then a mandatory update that upgrade to the latest version of Android seemed to disable the FM radio receiver.

Is there any way to get NextRadio App to work again on my phone? Or is there an alternative app that lets me pick up FM radio on a Galaxy S10 5G without an internet connection?
I use my phone to listen to the radio if I'm walking a mile down the street, and streaming over the internet would use up all my bandwidth very quickly.

Otherwise I would have purchased an S20 or S21, so I feel cheated. I've tried searching for a solution, but I keep finding sites that just say to install NextRadio app. I've tried reinstalling.

Again, the goal is to use the phone to pick up FM radio signals, WITHOUT an internet connection. It used to be able to do it, before an update (my phone stopped working and my carrier said to check for updates and that fixed the problem with texts and calls, but caused problems with NextRadio).