Give me back my select all delete all?


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Give me back my "select all" "delete all"

I recently went from a Galaxy S4 to an S6 on Sprint. Previously, I had the ability to Select All / Delete All. I don't care if this is a "powerful feature" as is frequently stated as a reason ... as I need to clean out my trash folder. I had over 2500 emails in my Trash folder (basically due to changing devices & being unaware that the feature was not able on the new device. I don't want to use another email program because my S6 does not have an SD card & I have limited space (for which I don't want to add a program when a "select all" feature would and formerly did solve the simple problem). I also use multiple devices so that if I read an email on my S6 it does not show up as read on the tablet ... which if not used for a while has an inordinate amount of emails that must be manually marked as "read". I also don't like being told that the select all is tooooo powerful of a feature for me. If that is the case for some users the it should be a feature that could be turned on or off by the user if the felt that it was too powerful. This is especially true after changing models of phones/tablets or after an Android version upgrade. I just spent over an hour manually selecting items in the trash folder to delete them because I was unaware of the feature no longer being available. Plus the fact that I use multiple devices. Perhaps there should be an Android feedback and/or vote space directly for the Android developers to hear what the users think. I dont know if it the height if arrogance or ignorance for them to take away such a vital (all be it "powerful") feature ... after all even windows allows an option to clean out the trash folder ... it is an efficient productivity tool from a time perspective, a Space on limited HD space, and even convenience.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It seems to me that you'd be better off using the IMAP server for your email provider, not the POP3 server (which it sounds like you're using). If you use the IMAP server, emails don't get downloaded and stored locally--they stay on the server. That way, reading an email on one device will flag it on the server, so that on a different device, it'll be noted as read. Read more here: IMAP vs POP3

Which email provider do you have? Search the web for "[your email provider] IMAP settings." Then open your Email app, tap Menu>Settings, select your email account, and edit the server settings. If you can't change from POP3 to IMAP there, you may have to remove the account, then add it back, but this time, select the option to manually enter the server settings, and make sure you use the IMAP ones.