Google Chrome network changed and redirect errors


Feb 23, 2011
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I'm having a couple of problems that may or may not be related.

1) I'm often getting "err_network_changed" errors when trying to browse. The page will automatically refresh and load the correct page, making it more an annoyance than anything. When looking for solutions, everything referred to Chrome on Windows. So far I've tried using automatic and a custom DNS, paused my ad blocker, and checked Chrome's settings. It's not happening all the time. When it does, it'll affect multiple sites in a row, and happens both on Wi-Fi and mobile with good connections.

2) My water utility's payment page is supposed to automatically redirect to their third party payment service. Chrome and Firefox both don't redirect on Android. LastPass has a built in browser that does redirect, and Firefox on Windows will redirect. I have verified the URL matches, and have also made sure to allow page redirects in Chrome's settings and checked other stuff similar to the first problem with no luck. The water utility was of no help (their tech support consisted of the general phone operator). The third party pay company put in a good effort, but this problem doesn't seem to be on their end and had no other reports of this so far. Again, my Google-fu seems lacking in finding answers online.