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Google Contact Photos - Not updating when adding a new photo and contact


New member
Apr 27, 2014
I am having a problem getting google contacts photos to sync to my device.. Nexus 5 , running 4.4.2, or ANY other custom rom.. Nothing seems to work

I am using a mac, computer 10.9.x. and an app called "contact sync" to sync the mac address book to google - gmail contact.. everything works great, I check the contact one google-gmail and everything is in order, tel, photo, address.. but when I look at my tel. contacts ONLY the info is synced and not the photo..

could there be a sitting I am missing? every once in a while it will sync a photo.. but that is 1 in 50..

When I am making a factory reset, clear all data , and start from scratch, the contacts all sync photos included, but i can not do a data factory reset every time, I add a contact photo..

How can I get my contacts photos, to sync? any suggestions? any help would be greatly appreciated..

I have about 100 contact in total, Google - gmails has all the photos with my contacts, just something weird about android not wanting to sync them, I also have a galaxy 5 and an htc m7 and they also have the same problem..

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