Google not working (Nexus 5 on L Developer Preview)

Darren Hughes1

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Jun 28, 2014
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Guys, I installed Android L last night and it worked perfectly. Because it was unstable, there was the odd bug here and there and I couldn't access some apps. Because of this. I wanted to downgrade from L (5.0) to Kitkat (4.4.4) I read and watched all videos and tutorials oh how to and I feel I did everything correctly. I also thought I did it fine because when the phone was now restarting, it had the Kitkat styled "X" animation before it loaded up. Once it loaded however, I couldn't do anything and it just kept saying "Google Search is not responding" I am now fearing for the worst and I can't access my phone to go onto developer actions so I can press USB debugging and start over. Is there anyway around this? Can I just go back to L by doing what I did before? Please help. Thanks


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Oct 10, 2011
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If you still have a custom recovery intact than do a full wipe and format system to use a backup or a new ROM flash.
If TWRP than go to advanced wipe and tap all but internal memory and then use a backup or flash a saved ROM zip file selection.
If CWM than wipe date /factory reset fallowed by wipe cache partition fallowed by dalvic cache and than into mounts to format system ,and then flash a backup or a ROM zip file

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