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Feb 13, 2011
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On an impulse I picked up an N7 on release day, and honestly for the first couple of months it sat on my bookcase more than it was used. I was still using my Xoom for all my tablet stuff. Then at the end of October I had to go into the hospital for surgery. That's when I really started to use and appreciate the Nexus tablets. Since I was discharged from the hospital I have been using the N7 more and more, and the Xoom less and less.

For the last couple of weeks all I have been using the Xoom for is watching digital copies of my movies with the HDMI cable hooked up to the TV. Well I decided I was gonna sell the Xoom so I listed it here and picked up an N10 today. I gotta admit this thing runs circles around my Xoom. I really like the location of the speakers, the display is incredible. It is kinda odd (in a good way) not to have that horrendous typing delay that my Xoom has. The battery life seems pretty good so far, although it does charge kind of slow. Hopefully this will be resolved when the pogo charger is released over the next few weeks.

I am having some trouble with playing back movies in the avi format, I have tried mobo and MX players. I get a short burst of sound with mobo and then it quits, and with MX I get good sound and no video. I haven't tried installing any of the codecs yet because I am not sure which ones to use. My next shot I will try vlc player and see if that works.


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Nov 11, 2010
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Congrats on getting your device. Enjoy it and I wish you heath and hope you have recoverd fully from your surgery.

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