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Apr 19, 2012
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Just a former flash-aholic and current Radio Shack sales associate offering the best deals on new account activations and upgrades. Finally coming to my senses, (somewhat) Only bricked one phone irreversably in my four years since discovering android (Samsung captivate). I am very pleased with my Epic 4g touch...until I get my LTE monster. I REALLY hate companies like Microsoft and Apple because of what they represent. When you buy a car you don't have to go through all kinds of trouble unlocking your hood just so you can change the oil or install after market performance enhancing parts, all so someone can tell you your warranty is now void. Thank god that the wonderful selfless people developing Linux are here to mitigate the damage such monsters do to science and industry! As a result, gifted but impoverished young students in third world countries can have access to the tools everyone NEEDS to succeed in this modern age. The pandering, overblown marketing campaigns that apple has engaged in make me sick with all the uber-hype up of typical features made to sound like earth shattering, bleeding edge innovation. They downplay Androids obvious superiority (can't really hold that against them) but the nerve to sue Samsung after they practically designed their processor? Don't even get me started on monopoly soft or their "esteemed leader" Billy (eugenicist) Gaytes. No need to regurgitate common knowledge. I apologize if this has turned into a rant and I welcome all comments positive or disparaging. Linux, peace and chicken grease. DRROOIID!!!