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Jun 22, 2013
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greyLIME HD Theme

Link to greyLIME HD Theme in Google Play:

greyPINK HD Theme

Link to greyPINK HD Theme in Google Play:

greyICE HD Theme

Link to greyICE HD Theme in Google Play:

Please Note, this is not a Launcher or Home replacement App, it is a Theme/Icon Pack to be used in conjunction with some of the most popular free and premium launchers available on the Google Play Store. Read further down the page for list of compatible launchers.

Introducing the greyLIME HD & greyPINK HD Themes, supporting multiple launchers. The greyLIME HD & greyPINK HD Themes feature simplified icons all redrawn in matching colour scheme and style providing a clean and consistent user interface. Each icon is placed on a grey soft edged tile with colour trim to ensure visibility against wallpapers and background items whilst maintaining a great appearance.

Key Features
- Multi Launcher Support
- 250+ Custom HD Icons (144x144px)
- Uses Advanced Iconshader.xml
- 15 Custom Dock Icons
- 4 Themed Wallpapers
- 2 Custom Docks
- Custom Font

Compatible Launchers
- GO Launcher Ex (recommended)
- Apex Launcher
- Atom Launcher
- Holo Launcher
- Nova Launcher
- Smart Launcher
- ADW Launcher
- & More (not tested)

Ensure you tweak your launcher to your own personal tastes and use the theme to its full potential:
- Icon size is recommended to be set to a larger size due to high quality of icons
- Text size is recommended to be set smaller
- Some launchers may not Auto change dock icons, in order to do this please long press or double press icons on dock to use icon picker and replace desired icons.
- GO Launcher > Ensure 'High quality drawing' is ticked within GO launcher Settings to enable app drawer background to show in its true form.

Developer Notes
- Feel free to send me lists of your un-themed icons which you would like added and I will work to release them in weekly updates.
- Please inform me of any Bugs or possible improvements that you may notice
- Clock Widget in screen shot is 'UCCW Stripes' by 'rwp apps' and uses the UCCW App.
- All screenshots are taken with GO Launcher EX using different settings to achieve different styles.
- Custom coloured status bar icons are root features and are not customized in any way by this theme.
- If you like this theme please Rate & Review via Google Play Store, be sure to check out my other themes.

greyOCELOT design

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greyOCELOT design

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Jun 22, 2013
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updates not going as planned, main reason for this is due to the fact that after a short holiday ive been preparing for a job interview and now have got a job in graphic design which is ideal and should mean that I can improve my own skills and work rate :) . im going to give it a week to settle into my new job before I begin work on new icons for these themes, so far very happy with how successful the theme has done considering that the marketing of it came to a quick halt after release.

help me out by sending me:
- apps you want icons themed for
- ideas of graphical elements you dont like or think can be improved
- dock icons you would like, sticking with the glyph style I have implemented the dock icons are easy to make and can be anything from basic shapes to representation of apps so let me know if theres anything you would like.

with regards to the wallpaper picker Ive decided I am done with racking my brains trying to work out how to iron out errors I get with the app every time I try to implement a picker and I simply do not have the time for it anymore, my interests are graphical and web design based and it is not enjoyable for me lol. as a work around I am beginning work on my own website where I will publish all my themes and future wallpapers in full quality for download. this has many advantages to myself and users by:
- generating traffic for my own designs and work
- creating a large library of wallpapers in one area
- decreases overall app size as wallpapers are fairly large in size
- improves quality of wallpaper as I don't have to compress them
- users can download images to their device, allowing them to be used as lock screen wallpapers as well as home screen.

thanks for the support of everyone this theme has helped me have the confidence to pursue a career in design and purchases of the premium greyice version will help to pay for the costs of my website.

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