GS3 Calendar Problems

Jessica Levings

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Jan 9, 2013
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I have searched and searched for a possible fix for my calendar problem on my GS3 and I can't find one that works. For some reason my calendar on my GS3 that is synced with both my google calendar and my husband's calendar is malfunctioning. All of my events show up correctly, but my husband's events will not only be doubled but they will also be completely made up. It will show two or even three different things for him on a day that was never even entered. This same thing actually happened at one point on my Galaxy Tab, but when I got the Jellybean update, it was fixed. I only got the GS3 in December and have not received the Jellybean u pdate. I have tried multiple solutions that I found on this forum and nothing has worked. Anyone have an ideas? Thank you in advance!


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Jan 30, 2011
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What carrier are you with? I thought Verizon was last to the Jelly Bean party and they've already pushed 4.1.1.
I don't use the calendar like you've described so I can't help there - sorry.

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