gSync creating duplicates and mixing up contact names


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Dec 5, 2010
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This applies to MS Outlook 2010 32-bit contacts to GMail contacts to HTC MyTouch 4G contacts (type = Google)

Does anyone have a solution for gSyncIt producing duplicate records. I have two duplicate data sources, Outlook and GMail Contacts. Syncronizing them results in duplicate records being created in both sources. I have tried "Remove Duplicates when Syncing" without success. I have tried "Use outlook FileAs value as GMail contact full name" with no success. gSyncIt can be loaded manually with duplicate data from the same data files and still results in duplicates being pushed in both directions.

I even have an intermittent problem where gSyncIt reverses first name and last name.... Even if those records don't result in duplicates and have resulted from data restored from the exact same external data source (i.e. CSV, etc)

Anyone see a solution? Anyone else experienced this?

I am asking the users of gSyncIt as I sent FieldStone a support request and only got an insulting reply from the developer. I have 20 years in software development and testing and have never experienced a response like I received from Dave... I presented empirical facts related to my problem, a problem that is common on the forums, and he refused help.

Can the "expert end-users" please help. You heave real life experience that is VALUABLE.

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