Has my phone been hacked

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I feel someone has obtained ability to view everything I type and in cases they can hear my phone conversations? How can I tell if this is happening and how can I remove this malicious tool? The phone battery does quickly over heats often and apps have become hard to open and operate. Will a simple factory reset actually fix this if someone is deliberately spying on me

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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It's quite difficult to know if your phone has been hacked. Right now any good spy app can hide in your system and even with an expert helping you it could be almost impossible to be 100% sure. That's sad, I know. For those spy apps to work they need to be manually installed in your phone, so that means that someone messed up with it for a little time.

Battery drain and the phone heating up could be a symptom of being hacked but it could be something else. Unfortunately you have to decide if your suspicions are more than just being paranoid. Don't take me wrong, I'm not questioning you just trying to be helpful. OK?

A factory reset should fix that, but, as you know, that comes with a price. Just a couple of tips if you decide to go that way.

- Backup anything you don't want to lose.
- After a factory reset the best thing to do could be changing your passwords. Use a computer or a different device to do that. And I mean almost any password, Google, Facebook and any account with sensitive information attached. That's important.
- Then you're ready to start your phone from scratch. Your Google account will try to download all your apps automatically from the Play Store as soon as you sign in. There's a risk that it will download the spy app again, so stop that process. You'll have a tedious procedure installing manually all your apps, but it worths the effort.
- Your phone should be clean now. Don't forget to set an unlock method and don't let the bad experience spoil the fun of having an smartphone :)

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