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Having problems with US Mobile (Verizon MVNO)


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Nov 6, 2017
Okay, here's my email to US Mobile's tech "manager". I need to use Verizon's network because of where I live & drive, and USMobile seemed to have the deal I needed, but I'm not convinced they provisioned the phone right.
Re: [subj changed] Essential PH-1 needs proper setup & provisioning to enable VZW mobile data

Messy Potamia <--------------------->
9:59 PM (7 minutes ago)

to help
I have returned and am able to continue to try your USM sim in my
Essential PH-1. First thing I did was remove the usm sim, put in a
t-mobile mvno sim, and it came up fully operational, to wit: when I
have WiFi on & connected it disconnects Cellular Network State
("Disconnected"). When I then disable WiFi, it *immediately* connects
Cellular Network State ("Connected"), and I have mobile network data
at expected data speeds.
Moreover, while in settings, I have full edit access to APNs.

Next I put in your USMobile sim.
I reset network settings, Cellular Network Settings | Access Point
Names, I have to "reset to default" the APN page, then re-enter all
the settings for USM, save, reboot phone, and while I get voice & data
"in service" and I can call and text, the Cellular Network State
*never* changes from Disconnected, even though I have a good signal
and regardless of whether WiFi is on or off.
Moreover, when I attempt to access APNs to check I get a screen which
says "Access Point Name settings are not available for this user".
This is not the phones doing this, it is provisioning which is causing
this. (Your tech support suggested in chat that it was a phone causing
this -- it is not).
Also, Network Operators is grayed out.
I will ask you again to properly provision my phone so it performs as
expected with regard to Mobile Data.
Because I am on a 30-day trial to test my satisfaction with US Mobile,
I must also ask you to extend that 30 day trial period, because so far
I am dissatisfied with US Mobile because I am unable to use it in the
manner needed.

Please handle this issue without any further delay and with the
assistance of Verizon network & provisioning assistance.

I await.
Who else is using Verizon? Pure VZW or an MVNO?


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
It's not Verizon, it's US Cellular, but exactly what it is, is the question.

Some phones will switch to cellular data as soon as you turn wifi off, some won't. Some providers (US Cellular, in this case) will allow you to edit the APN, some won't. (You add an APN with the correct information, then select it.)

It's your choice whether to stop using USC after the month ends or not.


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Mar 29, 2011
Here's my Verizon access point settings


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Nov 6, 2017
Thanks but your examples didn't apply in my case. I ended up having to factory reset -- which really pissed me off -- then my mobile data started working as expected. No one can explain to me why that was necessary, and I resent having to rebuild my phone's screens, as well as restore my data, from scratch.
Did I mention I *really resent* having to rebuild my phone...